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Classes with Adria

JUNE 9 - Artist and Craftsman Supply in Saugus, MA

Acrylic Pouring Techniques - learn several ways to create innovative effects using GOLDEN mediums and paints that focuses on pouring paint on different surfaces. We'll see a variety of effects you can achieve using medium and also water. (Note that I will NOT be teaching how to make cells using silicone and open flames!) Two sessions available. Please choose either 11:30 to 1:30 pm or 2:30 to 4:30 pm from the menu below.

Please note that there will be $21 materials fee to be paid at Artist and Craftsman on the day of the event.

Adria's Workshop Policy
No refunds for workshops. If you must miss a workshop, you may transfer your place to a friend.

Workshop Policy
No refunds for workshops. If you must miss a workshop, you may transfer your place to a friend.

Refunds are available only under the condition that the instructor needs to cancel the workshop.  All workshops that must be postponed due to hazardous weather conditions or illness will be rescheduled.

Mentoring and Private Critiques
I am available to help jumpstart your art career with promotion advice including writing your artist statement, setting up social networking, applying for grants, and more. I can come to your studio or we can Skype.

Critiques - one on one or group critiques
With many years of experience as an instructor, I can also help you to move forward in your studio practice, whatever your level. I am very skilled at guiding students to grow in their practice while staying true to their vision.  


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