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Online Classes and Workshops

Late Summer/Fall Schedule

The Infinite Well is a six week class that will help you discover your artistic voice. If you've been looking for a way to make your art making experience more satisfying and more self-reflective, this is your opportunity. I'll lead you through a series of exercises designed to explore a variety of techniques while teaching you how to rid yourself of the internal judge that stops so many of us in our artistic journey.

There will be a demo each week with time for studio work - you'll be in the Zoom room with others, able to chat with me and your fellow students while you do guided exercises. Each week you'll receive a prompt or exercise for homework.

The two hour, six week course is $200 USD.  (PayPal options are at the end of this post.)
6 Thursdays starting August 6 - September 10
Session 1 from 2 to 4 pm EST
Session 2 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm EST

(You will also be able to watch the recorded lesson at any time.)
We'll be using the Zoom platform. You'll need a computer or tablet with a camera to access this class. Contact me for more info.
  • No drawing or previous art instruction is necessary. Just have the desire to learn new things.
  • Materials are minimal - the essentials are a pad of white drawing paper, preferably 18" x 24", a Sharpie pen, some brushes, a basic (six color) palette of acrylic paints, scissors, tape, and glue. A more specific materials list will be sent once you register.
Here's a sample of topics that we'll be covering:
Painting to music or... cut it loose!
Contour line drawing or... you can close your eyes.
Recipe painting or... we're baking a cake?
Mixing colors or... what's the big deal with pink and brown?
Working in series or... don't stop with just one.
More is more or... stamp all you want to!

Individual Mentoring
I love to work one on one with artists. I can help you focus on your work, push further in your career, give advice about exhibiting, preparing for a show, and lots more. $100 per hour. Your first session is $50!

Email me with any questions.

"Adria's Infinite Well course opened up a whole world to me. I came to it with no art background, and from the start her open-ended prompts and generous encouragement allowed me to access the creativity within. I am forever grateful."
Melissa S.

"Adria’s class was a lesson in exploration! Through a series of exercises, experiments and projects, we tried different methods and materials for making art, discovering both what spoke to us and what didn’t. Adria’s supportive guidance and great sense of humor made our explorations not only fruitful but fun."
Margot S.

"This class helped me to discover and explore my own path as an artist.   I now have a toolbox and the confidence to make art that reflects my unique voice."
Meg T.

Adria's encouragement of exploration and experimentation without judgment or a defined end allowed me to create with openness and curiosity. Adria is a generous teacher who engages deeply with her students. She is articulate and sensitive to the nuances of art making in a class with students of many skill levels.”

Kimberly S.

NOTE: If the PayPal links don't work, please send a check to Adria Arch, 41 Mary St., Arlington MA 02474 and email me the session (2 pm EST or 5:30 pm EST) that you plan to attend.
I will also accept Venmo.