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More photos from VSC installation

I worked with VSC photographer Howard Romero to capture the installation I created at VSC using the laser cut plexi pieces. Each glyph is about 2 feet or 3 feet square, to give an idea of the scale. The top is a closeup showing how the piece looks when the room is darkened and a strong light is projected onto the back wall.
Just back from two weeks at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson VT. As usual, the experience was irreplaceable. I always make huge leaps in my work during residencies, and this was no exception. Above is a work in progress created using plexiglass cut out shapes floating in front of a wall. I will post better photos later this week when I get them from the photographer. At VSC, I had the advantage of high ceilings and overhead pipes from which to hang these shapes, cut out via laser.

The other project I accomplished was to visit the Black Cap Cafe in Stowe where I will be mounting an installation this summer. I was also hoping to get doodles from their customers. I solicited quick doodles from the residents at VSC and also got a few from the cafe. Turns out, I will be doing both windows and an outside piece for their porch. More on that to come!