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Showing posts from March, 2012

My work at Aloft Hotel in Lexington

Four of my new pieces from the Tangled series are on display at Aloft Hotel in Lexington, MA. I think they look great in the space! I am hoping that the manager agrees and will commission me to do a wall mural there.

All Tangled Up Again

Re-worked several of the newest pieces to add some extra zip and energy. Gotta feel like the work sings.

All Tangled Up

I have been lax about blogging lately, but very busy in the studio. That's generally a good thing! It means I think things are going well. Here are images from my newest series, Tangled, which are all done in acrylic on board. They have the velvety look of encaustic painting (paint mixed with or covered with wax) that gives a feeling of depth and softness up close BUT it's NOT encaustic, it's acrylic matte medium in layers and layers over painted layers. The imagery continues to be the drawn mark enlarged and projected onto my painting surface. The series title, Tangled, is expressive of my state of mind lately.