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First Crocus - Happy Easter

Here in Arlington, finally we see signs of spring - my first crocus are peeping through the dead leaves of last fall. I took a long, solitary walk on the bike path and enjoyed the longer days and milder temperature. Back in the studio, I am contemplating how to continue with the Constellation piece. This is slow-going, and evolving over the weeks. I am excited to see how it turns out, and will let it simmer in my unconscious. I'll also try some additions to it this week.


barbara Poole said…
I love this new piece you are working on. Can't wait to see it at Crit. By the way, check out my blog. Barbara said…
Hi Adria:

We met Monday evening at the NOW Boston Office along with Kaetlyn Wilcox. After seeing samples of your work last night and the pictures in your Micro, Inkblot and Outsider series, I really have to see these original pieces of your work. There very beautiful, creative and inspiring! I can see how your love of science and biology may have influenced you, (or something else). Inkblots? I imagaine you were thinking about the mind and how it works because I see brain synapses and responses in that. This is just the way I interpret your work. I really love your pieces and I must confess never felt this way about Kaetylyn's and your artwork before. I am amazed and grateful that I had a chance to meet you and hope another day to see your artwork at your gallery.

I also wanted to ask if I may link your artwork to my feminist web blog because I would like to feature Kaetlyn's and your artwork on my web blog and write about my experiences at NOW.
Thank you and have a nice day!
Pink Love,
George :)
Code Pink for Peace!

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