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Sepia on Lime Green

Another printing day this past Friday. I am working on the fabric that will be turned into swing jackets by my friend Gerry Menz at Artwear. To the left, you can see what the plexi plate with stencils looks like on the press. The white shapes are paper stencils.
The bottom image is of the finished prints on lime green fabric. That was sepia ink - and as you see, the color is changed by the fabric beneath.

I just love pattern. In my next life, I will be a fabric designer.
I wonder if inkjet printing on linen is possible? This process is so labor-intensive and physically demanding - took me 6 hours to print 14 pieces of fabric!


Sandy said…
**I wonder if inkjet printing on linen is possible? **

Yup, I send linen through my inkjet all the time, but it's the light weight version. I know that commercial printers can do heavier weight but haven't actually worked with them (yet!). I've found that you don't even need a high res image because the linen texture imitates pixels and detail is somewhat obscured- my kind of project! Keep working- I love the blog! Sandy

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