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Intuitive Painting

I am teaching a class at the Arlington Center for the Arts called "Intuitive Painting". What is it? I know it when I see it. I know it when I am doing it. It is not an easy thing to teach - but I do feel that students can practice this kind of painting at any level. First, you have to let go of your judging, self-conscious mind. Not an easy thing to do.

Our first exercise was to paint with children's tempera paints to music - to completely engage in the act of letting the paint flow where it wants to go in rhythm to the sounds you hear. The second exercise was to paint "The Nub of Me". Meditate on that phrase, and paint what comes to mind.

Next class, we'll make paintings from a recipe - and no brushes allowed!

Kudos to my friend Jeanne Williamson for getting a big plug in the Globe for curating a fiber art show!

Kudos to me for getting into a few good shows this season!
1. Edge, juried by Clark Gallery directors Dana Salvo and Dawn Southworth, will open in March at Artspace Maynard in Maynard, MA.
2. And the opening of Boston Paints at Endicott College's brand new gallery will take place next Wednesday, Feb. 11! I am very excited to see my three 10 foot tall Glyph Columns exhibited for the first time.