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Wall of Glyphs

On Sunday, I participated in a portfolio review at a local art association. Artists had the opportunity to show a sampling of their work to curators and gallerists in the Boston area in order to get suggestions and feedback.
One of gallerists I spoke to suggested that I create a wall of my smaller pieces, hung closely together. I experimented with it a little bit this morning - not sure if these are close enough, but I do like the visual buzz from being able to look back and forth at these pieces.
One of the most complimentary things said to me at the portfolio review was that my abstractions speak with a contemporary vocabulary - that is, as opposed to many abstract artists who are still having a dialog with the abstract expressionists of the 1940s and 1950s. I was very pleased to hear that.


Laura said…
hi Adria - I really like very much your new work - always thinking back at your comment about having been lost at your first VSC stay and now look! I wish I could put words to it, but there is something about this work that pulls you in and I like each piece endividually or together. I think it has been a fashion to put small pieces together in a grid and your work is strong enough to present it that way or however you feel best about it. I havent looked at the whole site yet but I like your exploration and commentary. I have finally turned a corner, myself- moving into found item constructions which I'm loving-verhy tactile and seems to fill allthe senses. I don't have any pictures up yet. They atarted as glass towers but are becoming more funky all the time. I love it! I'm not trying to exhibit or build my resume or anything like that and it is so freeing. It sound like you are doing well. Best wishes, Dianne Bugash (I'm sending this from my daughter's laptop as we are in the Bahamas vacationing-interesting place.)

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