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doodles for Lesley Univ. installation

I am preparing to paint a large scale mural, 10 feet by 25 feet, at the Lesley University Porter Square building in Cambridge, MA beginning in early March.

This work will be an extension of my paintings that have incorporated my son's highschool doodles. Instead of Josh's doodles, I have solicited doodles from Robert Shreefter's art education class.

Two weeks ago, I came to the class with a pack of small brown paper lunch bags with a sheet of paper inside. Each student had a pencil and was told to simply doodle while I read a story to them. The tale was "La Loba", or Wolf Woman, from the book Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs.
The story was only about 5 minutes, just enough time to elicit some doodles without self-consciousness or over working. These doodles, some of which are displayed here, will be worked into my large scale mural. Images of my color sketches will follow soon! I intend to involve students in the planning and painting of this work, and we should have a finished piece by April. This blog will detail our progress.