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Upcoming Exhbit at Bromfield Gallery in October

Studio shot, Brain Storms
My exhibit, "Brain Storms", will be mounted next Sunday and on view from Wednesday, October 5, through Sunday, October 29 at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston's SOWA art district. Please join me! Gallery hours are 12 to 5, Wednesday through Saturday, and often on Sundays. Contact me if you would like a private viewing during non-gallery hours.

This recent work is moving into the realm of installation. I have been making a variety of components that I will assemble in the gallery space. I have a grouping of hanging foam core board shapes painted with acrylic, a grouping of pedestals, also painted in acrylic, and a series of paper scrolls, some 20 feet, some 10 feet, that will curve and curl right off the wall.  You might also see some of my recent flat paintings, too.

Treading the line between order and chaos, my recent work combines the accidental flow of paint with the deliberate placement of lines and shapes derived from doodles, handmade stencils, shipping codes and other found marks. The evocative shapes and high key color combinations in Brain Storms suggest emotional weather states – windy, calm or moderately sunny with a chance of showers