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Stonehill College project complete

Following my exhibit at Stonehill College last month, I worked with a group of 7 students to produce an installation on the entry windows of the Cushing-Martin art building. In my previous post, I showed the process of arriving at the design using the students' unselfconscious doodles to music. 

Vector files of the doodles were sent to in Easton, MA who did a great job of working with me to size the images properly and cut them out of adhesive vinyl. The students and I spent the afternoon adhering the vinyl to the windows, mostly following our sketches from the week before. There were some ad hoc decisions made as we discovered that some of the designs were too busy and needed to be simplified.

I am always impressed by commercial businesses that make an effort to accommodate the sometimes weird requests of artists!
Stonehill students adhering the adhesive vinyl to the art building windows.

Taking the paper backing off the vinyl on windows.
One of the completed windows.

Detail of the front door, adhesive vinyl on plate glass window
There were lots of positive comments about the windows as we were placing the doodle shapes. Everyone wanted to know how long they would be up. I take that as a very good sign! Thank you, Candice Smith-Corby and David Kinsey, two wonderful faculty members at Stonehill College who facilitated this project.