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Back in the studio at Sanskriti...

The trip to and from Jaipur was what did it. All that local color, the markets, the painted trucks along the highway, the beautiful Hindi script everywhere mashed up with ads for Pepsi, Vodaphone and Airtel. I came back to Sanskriti with all that color and all those baroque Indian shapes in my head.

Market stalls and a plethora of everything.

Fancy, hand-customized trucks.

Acres and acres of mustard fields on the way to Jaipur.

Each piece, 20" x 16", began with a paint spill on Mylar, cut out and glued to a sheet of Rives BFK. After that, the colors and shapes of what I'd seen started to emerge onto paper. If you see animals and people, strange birds, monkeys, and dancers, yes, they are all there somewhere.

Here are a few of the pieces I completed, and in some ways I know they are just a beginning.The possibilities are endless! The series is tentatively called "Passing Strange".