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Caladan Gallery acceptance!

Just found out that my work was accepted into the next online exhibit at the Caladan Gallery. The exhibit call seemed appropriate for my work, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

From the gallery director:
What comes to mind immediately regarding “Gesture, Action, and Expression” is the tradition of Expressionism in Western art. Part of the territory includes, of course, the Abstract Expressionists, as well as the German Expressionists, and a whole army of “subsets”. In 2009, fledgling art form though it is, the introduction of technology as an art tool has expanded the notion of expressionism into realms previously unknown…this is not to say that the more traditional representations are not included in this exhibition, not to mention those that are derived from emotional experience. They are; but we have a balance between tradition and new inspiration, which manifests in a unique way through various models of the interpretation and application of gesture. The work chosen for this exhibition is a survey of this.

The dates for the on-line posting of this exhibition will be July 15 – August 14, 2009. After that, the exhibition will be available for viewing as an archive for a number of months.

This was my first time submitting work to an online venue, and I was inspired to do so by my artist friend Sand T whose work was on the Caladan site in May.