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First night of Danforth Murals!

Teen Docents painting the projected doodles onto the Danforth Museum restroom hallway.
Last night was the first session of our painting project - to create painted installations in the bathrooms and hallways at the Danforth Museum. I am working with 3 groups of 4 or 5 Teen Docents over the course of the next three weeks. Each week, we'll be painting a different location. Last night we started with the first floor restroom area - it was truly a "blank slate", as the walls were completely white. We also worked with the community cable station to videotape the process. The teens learned how to document the process themselves with help from the pros last night.
We applied sticky vinyl to the walls to get both positive and negative shapes.

The Mens Room, first layer of imagery and color

The Ladies Room, with our first layer of imagery and color.


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