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Approach at Art Rocks Menotomy

My big project this spring has been curating Art Rocks Menotomy, an exhibit of temporary sculpture and installation at Menotomy Rocks Park in my hometown of Arlington, MA. I am enamored of public art. I love coming upon art in unexpected places, and have wanted to place sculptures at this little jewel of a local park for many years.

My piece, Approach, is a collaboration with Arlington-based poet Jessie Brown, and it is take on the lowly yard sign, a ubiquitous marketing tool that pops up like dandelions in the cityscape. I always thought that they should be put to a better use - after all, they withstand the elements, and they are flat like a painting surface.

I've started another blog that documents this project and the ones that will follow in its footsteps, namely Meander, coming to Exposed in Stowe VT this summer.