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Elaborations at Bromfield Gallery

Installation shot from my exhibit (Oct. 31-Dec. 1, 2007). This is the Blue Orbs series. The series was inspired by the work of Ernst Haeckel, 19th c. German illustrator and naturalist. His drawings of nascent, microscopic jellyfish look to me like elaborate chandeliers. Each panel is 60"
x 40", and the effect of standing in front of the series is like floating among these creatures.


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New video about my painting process

Thanks to the fabulous Jonathan Barbato at Arlington Cable Media and videographer Samantha Williams-Radecic, I now have an excellent video to show you my working process.

New work - paper collage, 24" x 24"Stage

WHACK! Pop up weekend

WHACK!, a pop up exhibit at 49 River St., Beacon Hill, MA, featuring my work as well as my friend Jodi Colella