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Goodbye to 2007

Today I am counting my blessings and looking back at my artistic acheivements of the past year. The biggest one was participating in two weeks of a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. This was an experience that I have wanted for a very long time - to go away and just make art! VSC provided me with a lovely studio space, meals, and a place to stay while being surrounded by others who are intent on making art. I haven't had the luxury of this amount of time for art since grad school. The best thing about it was being able to carry through on thoughts and processes without interruption. Visiting artist Sarah Walker provided some good feedback as did other artists who saw my work mid-production. Unfortunately I was only able to stay for two weeks instead of the full month that most people do, and I can see that with the extra time I would have been able to work through some of themore difficult problems I posed for myself. I hope to go back to VSC for a full month next time, or try for another residency.