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Election Nerves

We're on the brink, everyone. It really could happen. We could finally redeem ourselves in the eyes of the rest of the world. I am so nervous about this, I don't want to jinx it by believing the good news in the polls!

This weekend I'll be showing my work at Arlington Open Studios. I will be selling some of my older works on paper VERY inexpensively, so come on over. So what if the economy is tanking? Buy an original work of art and you'll feel better. Really.


Anonymous said…
Hi Adria - I've been thinking about you and how you're doing. The blog site looks very inviting and I am trying to create one for myself. I can't do it along but I've hired an assistant to help with this and other admin. stuff. Have been lost with the artwork but today, finally, I had a really good experience in my new studio - and it gave me some ideas about moving forward. The appealing thing about these times, for artists, is that you no longer have to hand in a "body of work" to be considered for an exhibit. I have a bunch of things, drawings, paintings, sculpture that I would like to fill a space with-non are complete yet. Im excited about the idea. I like your idea of goals for your small collages. They look wonderful and very interesting. Good luck with the sales. I also heard, recently that people need new art in times of crisis. Do you want to add me to your list of artists to link to? I don't have the blog up yet but I do have a website. Let me know how this works. Hope you're not overwhelmed with work and you get to do some of your own work. Take care. Miss you, Dianne Bugash (VSC) p.s. I did establish an account with but this window is not recognizing my password.

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