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Some good prices...

Spurred on by my friend Jeanne Williamson, I have put together a page of small works on paper, priced to sell! This is work from a series I produced in 2004. I gave myself the goal of making 100 small collages within a set of restrictions - same size, all collage, all using photo elements, etc. Sometimes goals help you to get motivated and working if you hit a wall in your studio practice.


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New video about my painting process

Thanks to the fabulous Jonathan Barbato at Arlington Cable Media and videographer Samantha Williams-Radecic, I now have an excellent video to show you my working process.

New work - paper collage, 24" x 24"Stage

WHACK! Pop up weekend

WHACK!, a pop up exhibit at 49 River St., Beacon Hill, MA, featuring my work as well as my friend Jodi Colella