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lessons learned

I went back into some pieces that I had thought were complete that did not go into my recent exhibition - reworked them to simplify and strengthen color. Here is one half of a diptych that I have been thinking about for a while. I like the introduction of more solid shapes of color.

Based on seeing my work all together at the Bromfield, I can see that I can hold back a bit. What does that mean exactly? Simplifying, I think.

I want to look into presenting my work as public art, because I think that the wall constructions would be wonderfully whimsical in a public space.

I am excited to create more site-specific installations, as I did in the bathroom at the Bromfield Gallery. That was so much fun! And shouldn't we all try to have more fun?

Can I just say that it is important to have humility in this world? Thank you to all of my friends who make me laugh and show me that the art world is just a small small slice of the big picture.