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New York New York

Swept into NYC yesterday for an art fix, a one-day whirlwind of MOMA and the Whitney.

Highlights at MOMA included the Daniel Ortega exhibit. Some pieces were hilarious and poetic: the room with three plastic yogurt containers tacked to three walls, and nothing more. Elegant: the hanging shapes of plastic insulation material that looked like a whale.

The Bauhaus exhibition felt strangely familiar. So that's what my teachers at RISD were inculcating in us with their insistence on color swatches and texture studies. The designs are elegant and contemporary - that is how much we have completely incorporated the Bauhaus aesthetic into modern life.

Unpleasant: the waterlilies room - too many tourists taking photos of each other standing in front of them! Sacrilegious.

Whitney: Georgia O'Keefe was a very sexy lady. Even though she protested that her flower-inspired paintings were NOT about female sexuality. Those nude photos that Stieglitz took of her... hmmm.

Roni Horn - two floors of photos, sculptures and drawings concerning perception.

The windows at Bergdorf and Barneys - wow! Over the top with faux topiary horses, glitter and shine and mirrors.