Interference - Cahoon Museum of American Art, through December 2020

My installation, Interference, currently on view at the Cahoon Museum of American Art in Cotuit, Massachusetts on Cape Cod opened in March of 2020 just before the lockdown due to the Corona virus. I am happy to report that the museum will be open beginning August 1, and my work will be on view through December of this year.  Interference refers to an unexpected occurrence or event. It can be positive or negative, but it always changes our perceptions. I intend my work to be a surprising intervention into the museum, as it first greets visitors in the sunlight-filled lobby and as it winds its way out of a hearth and down a stairwell. This work can remind us that life seeps into any crack available and that we are inextricably connected to the natural world. It also can remind us to imagine "What if?"
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