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Windows of Marks at Stonehill College

Following my exhibit, Iconic , at Stonehill College this fall in the Cushing Martin Gallery, I am working on a sticky vinyl installation of doodles for the window of the Fine Arts building with David Kinsey's class of seven students. This installation will be similar in spirit to the ones I have previously done with grad students at Lesley University and the teen docents at Danforth Art. First, I elicited marks from the students by having them draw on a piece paper lodged inside of a small paper lunch bag. While drawing, they listened to two very different musical selections. The first was a melodic, lyrical piece, very meditative in nature. The second cut was percussive and loud. Prompted by the contrasting musical selections, the students responded to what they heard. "Blind" drawings allowed them to be unselfconscious about their work. During the next week, I scanned the drawings and printed them out onto transparencies so that we could project the images onto

Greek Idyll - Painting Intuitively on Skopelos

I am just back from teaching Painting Intuitively on the island of Skopelos in Greece. Sponsored by the Island Center for the Arts , and run by my friends Tom and Isabel Dempsey, this was the trip of a lifetime. Tom and Isabel, originally from Boston, moved to Skopelos permanently about 20 years ago. Each year they offer classes taught by New England area artists. My class included nine wonderful people - seven New Englanders, one Ohioan, and two Canadians. Fifi, Isabel's daughter's chihuahua mix, often accompanied us on our outings. Dressed up for a night on the town! Our group of nine plus Isabel Dempsey with Fifi, and myself, fifth from the left. Getting there involved landing in Athens, and taking a bus and then a ferry to the island. The view of the Acropolis, day and night - from my hotel room. Our ferry to Skopelos. Mornings were reserved for classes which were held on tile patio and shaded by grape vines. We looked out onto a pool, an olive