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Showing posts from April, 2009

Shepard Fairey at the ICA

You must see this show ! Suffice it to say that the images are deeply resonant and they are beautiful up close because of the collaging and layering in many of the pieces. Seriously, if you live in or near Boston, don't miss it! At the ICA now through August...

Intuitive Painting - 2nd class

Find a poem or other piece of writing that inspires you. Don't illustrate - instead, allow it to influence you, let it take you on a journey. Think of the mood or atmosphere the poem creates. Think of the colors it makes you see. Start with a color, just let the painting start to happen. Follow your instincts. Stay away from painting "something". Try not using a brush! Visit CreativeEveryday for a view of one of my students' approach, using a poem by Mary Oliver. Thank you Leah! I need to be better about taking photos in class...

Textile printing veggies

Last year I mentioned that I was collaborating with Gerri Menz of Artwear , a women's clothing boutique in Arlington, MA, to make some hand printed items. What fun for a pattern junkie like me. Plus, I am a screenprinter from way back (Local 1734, Connecticut Ave. Dupont Circle in DC, circa 1978!) We've been doing some great little jackets using lotus root prints. Here are some new prints-in-the-making using fuzzy melon and jalapeno peppers. I will photocopy these onto transparencies and then use them to create my screenprints.

my rabbit

Meet Fuzzy, my 10 year old rabbit. He really should be honored on my blog, as he is my "intimate". Fuzzy was my daughter's first real pet, but he shortly became mine. Fuzzy makes all sorts of interesting sounds, and "percolates" when he is happy. Who knew? I love Fuzzy.

Intuitive Painting - new semester!

On Monday evening, the new semester for my Intuitive Painting class at the Arlington Center for the Arts began. What a great group of women! (Why is often only women?) Check out Creative Everyday for a little show and tell from one of my students! We focused on color - how do you get students to explore the unlimited possiblities? After a brief overview of color mixing using my standard 2 reds, 2 yellows and 2 blues, I gave each student a packet filled with a "mystery" scent. I used spices, but I could have thrown in perfume, candy, fruit, etc... even "bad" smells would be really interesting to try. (I tend to go easy on my first class - don't want to alienate people with things that are too weird!) The assignment was to create a color based on the scent. I was so impressed with the experimental paintings that emerged. Bravo!!

Swing 1

Finally finished this piece - which I started way back in November! I thought it was finished but it wasn't. I love these colors... the companion piece will be shown at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA in June.