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Visiting my daughter in Madrid last week - how to take photos that aren't just tourist shots? Across the street from our apartment there were rectangular swatches of sunlight on the wall. And here is the view from our balcony down onto San Pedro street. I visited the Prado and saw Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. I never thought I would see that painting in person.

A time to throw it out...

I've just started teaching my Intuitive Painting class again at the Arlington Center for the Arts. One of my returning students sent me the following, about when to just throw out and start anew. I am using her question with her permission because I think it is a really interesting dilemma for all artists. "I was just up in my art room making a collage. Decided to take something I didn't like that much, cut it up and work quickly. Just now trying to clean my art room so I can really use it I had this insight that I also need to give myself permission to throw away things I don't like. I'm thinking that perhaps this is another aspect of valuing what you as an artist like or want to see---that is, acknowledging what you don't really like and letting it go. I keep thinking that I 'should' keep things and make them into something I like. Do you struggle with this? Do you think others do? Do you have any words of wisdom?" My reply: Yes, artists c

Pink is the new pink

This is my piece for the Icons and Altars exhibit at the New Art Center in Newton, Ma. It is silkscreen and acrylic paint on wood panel, 20" x 16". This is my 10th year participating in Icons and Altars, a fundraiser for the New Art Center. It is always fun to see the images created using this topic as a theme. All the artists interpret it in different ways according to their unique style and vision. Since I have been working with the glyphs for the past three years, it made sense for me to continue in this vein... so the "iconography" is the same as in my other work. I like the challenge of coming up with a new small work for this show, and it always provides me an opportunity to try things out (in this case, I used my new silkscreen imagery) on the cradled masonite boards that are so nice to work on. IIf you are in the Boston area, you might want to go to this show and purchase a ticket for $250 that allows you to choose your favorite piece. At the end of the