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screen printing on fabric

Today's efforts in the studio - screen printing is the way I've decided to go for my collaboration with "Design Story", Gerry Menz's label she will be selling at Artwear. This is for a jacket for me, our first prototype, printed on black linen using Deka ink and Speedball fabric screen printing inks.

what I'm working on

3 panels in progress- a continuation of the Constellation series - cut out shapes adhered to a deep red background. Each panel is 72"x 30".

Mural Envy!

Down in Boston's South End, where the Bromfield Gallery lives, there is a very high, long, green wall (like the famed Green Monster) hiding a building under construction, that just begs to have guerilla art. Yesterday, I saw the recent addition of huge portraits of Abraham Obama as part of the A Political Show at Gallery XIV. Ron English is the artist. He goes around America hanging politically satirical billboard-sized artwork to make America think.

Rara Avis at the Bromfield

I was very pleased with the reaction to my pieces at the Bromfield opening for "Rara Avis" last night - btw, Rara Avis is Latin for "rare bird" or one-of-a -kind. All the artists' in this five person show are exhibiting pieces that are a little off the beaten track of their usual work. It gave me the opportunity to show pieces from my inkblot series that I really loved but don't quite have enough of for a solo show. This piece, Necklace, is featured in the exhibit. The size is approximately 8 feet by 10 feet, so it is quite large. The images in the bottom necklace strand are covered in black glitter, the top three strands are ink on rice paper. I was happy to note that viewers "got" my references to Rorshach, to the beauty of the images, to the serendipitous nature of an ink spill, and to the way in which the human mind wants to find recognizable images in abstraction.


Yep- my day job is getting in the way! During the summer, I am the director of a 10 week vacation art program (otherwise known as "artcamp") for kids and teens, so I find it hard to get into the studio on a regular basis. I am looking forward to going back to the Vermont Studio Center for a full month in September when I will resume production. Meanwhile, I kind of think of art camp as a huge, week-long performance piece - each week we have a new theme, and the art, drama, and music teachers guide the kids in art activities that relate to the theme. For example, last week was "Small, Smaller, Smallest". Next week will be "Young Architects". Check out the ACA website for the schedule of themes this summer.