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Online Classes and Workshops

Join me for an engaging art making experience that is guaranteed to grow your practice. If you are interested in joining any of the classes below, email me and I will tell you how to enroll. 
Art from Inside Out (CANCELED - will be rescheduled for FALL 2021)

Non representational art making can release us from the shoulds and shouldn’ts and inspire us to express ourselves authentically. In this class, I’ll lead you through a series of guided exercises that are designed to gently move you into abstraction with a focus on COLOR. We’ll learn how to use color for its expressive qualities, and how to decide which colors to start with. We’ll be using acrylic paints and paper, and we’ll be doing some painting, collage, and printmaking techniques. All levels.

$225 – limited to 10 students

Exploring Contemporary Art  - scheduled for FALL 2021 through Concord Art)

Each week we’ll view a contemporary artist with an eye to understanding their vision. Then we’ll work on an exercise that relates in some way to that artists’ practice. By doing this, we’ll expand our own notions of what art making can be and increase our own visual self expression. We’ll be using acrylic paints and paper plus other simple materials (like grocery bags, twigs, etc.) that you’ll be asked to bring to class.  All levels.


*Three weeks of Acrylic Workshops – Pop in for one or all!

Week 1 – Making Acrylic Skins (available slots)

Pour or slather acrylic paints mixed with mediums onto plastic coated paper, let them dry, and then have fun cutting them up and applying them to your paintings. We’ll make some skins, let them dry overnight, and use them the next day in this eye opening workshop.

Wed. and Thurs., July 14 and 15, 10 - 12 pm. $80

Week 2 – Paper or Canvas? (available slots)

If you are confused about whether you should paint with acrylic on paper or canvas, and why, let me guide you through the pros and cons. We’ll try out both surfaces, learn about some amazing water-absorbent painting grounds, and see how you can adhere a painting on paper to a more sturdy surface so you don’t have to frame it!

Wed. and Thurs., July 21 and 22, 10 - 12 pm. $80

Week 3 – Color Mixing for Acrylics (available slots)

Are you wasting paint trying to get the color that you want? This workshop will enlighten you about how to mix acrylic paint colors, what’s the difference between pigments and color names, how to make opaque paint, how to mix beautiful neutrals, and more.

Wed. and Thurs., July 28 and 29, 10 - 12 pm. $80  

Sign up for ALL 3 for $225

*These workshops will require special materials – a list will be sent to each participant.