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Showing posts from March, 2008

First Crocus - Happy Easter

Here in Arlington, finally we see signs of spring - my first crocus are peeping through the dead leaves of last fall. I took a long, solitary walk on the bike path and enjoyed the longer days and milder temperature. Back in the studio, I am contemplating how to continue with the Constellation piece. This is slow-going, and evolving over the weeks. I am excited to see how it turns out, and will let it simmer in my unconscious. I'll also try some additions to it this week.


I have been teaching art for a long time, and have worked with young and old, trained and not, open-minded and not. Teaching art ontinues to be a privilege. I always learn from my students, and I never fail to be moved by their excitement and sense of accomplishment. It renews for me the sense of joy and engagement in the now that has always been part of why I make art.

Constellation Installation

Here's a photo of the Constellation installation work-in-progress. I like the scale of this piece and that when you stand in front of it you are surrounded by it. I am excited by the idea of adding more panels to this so that it covers a wall. My studio ceilings are pretty low (about 8 feet).

What's up in the studio lately

I am continuing to work with the doodles (see my Outsider Series ). This piece is 30" x 40", ink and acrylic on Rives BFK paper - and is part of a much larger grouping of similar pieces that I am intending for a wall installation. I am thinking that Constellation is a good working title (thank you, Mary!) I realize that my interest in Outsider Art is revealing itself again - so I have been thinking about petroglyphs, doodles, and inkblots. I see a connection here!