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Renewing a love of screenprinting

It's funny how you keep coming back to things that you love. Screenprinting was something I learned in college, and I just took to it. Later on, in my twenties, I used screenprinting to make posters and t shirts in a variety of jobs. I am using it to print on fabric. And now, finally, I am making screens of the glyphs I have been using in my paintings. Here is an experimental print using the glyph images. I am planning on trying out a variety of combinations using these images. The piece is about 15" x 10". To make a screenprint, you need a screen and images printed or photocopied onto transparencies. Here are two of my glyphs, laid out on the screen I will use. Also, here is the screen coated with photo emulsion. I expose the screen with a photoflood bulb conveniently hung up on my basement studio pipes. Speedball has a nifty brochure with directions on how far away your screen must be from the light source for correct exposure. Once you have exposed the screen, yo

social networking for artists?

Do you blog, tweet, friend, or link? As an artist, do you find that these are helpful to your marketing/networking efforts? Tonight, a group of fellow artists met at my house to discuss how to use the plethora of social media out there. Most of us were ambivalent about having to join in, mostly for lack of time. How does one fit all this stuff in around doing whatever else we do to make money, take care of families, exercise, or get together with "real" friends? Blogging is more than marketing for me. I use this as a visual diary and a way to shed light on my art for anyone who is interested in the back story. It is much less formal than a website, more immedate and far less intimidating. My fellow artists felt that a Facebook fan page was the best use of the medium for promoting upcoming shows, open studios, or whatever. Twitter was the least embraced by the 8 of us at ths point, but that may change... we'll see! The consensus was that all these vehicles may or may no

3 More Sculptural Paintings


Another Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture

My first series of sculptural paintings is complete. No titles yet.

Caladan Gallery acceptance!

Just found out that my work was accepted into the next online exhibit at the Caladan Gallery . The exhibit call seemed appropriate for my work, so I thought I would give it a whirl. From the gallery director: What comes to mind immediately regarding “Gesture, Action, and Expression” is the tradition of Expressionism in Western art. Part of the territory includes, of course, the Abstract Expressionists, as well as the German Expressionists, and a whole army of “subsets”. In 2009, fledgling art form though it is, the introduction of technology as an art tool has expanded the notion of expressionism into realms previously unknown…this is not to say that the more traditional representations are not included in this exhibition, not to mention those that are derived from emotional experience. They are; but we have a balance between tradition and new inspiration, which manifests in a unique way through various models of the interpretation and application of gesture. The work chosen for