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Still images of Porter Square installation

Winter Constellation at Porter Square CVS Windows

Winter Constellation, 6' x 12', acrylic on paper and foam core board with vinyl cutouts. Winter Constellation, 6' x 12', acrylic on paper and foam core board with vinyl cutouts. My piece, Winter Constellation, is now installed in the window of the CVS in Porter Square, Mass Ave., Cambridge MA. It's a companion piece to the Summer Constellation that hung in Frame 301 this July. It's fun to see this at night, since I installed it during the day, and I had no idea how it would look with lights on it. I wanted the hanging doodles to move slightly and they do, thanks to the heat from the light bulbs and the air that circulates from the store. I bought a small desk fan to help the movement, but I might not need it after all.

Art Basel/Art Miami

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the art fairs in Miami last week. I had never been before, and did not really know what to expect. Fortunately, I was with some of the other Golden Working Artists and a few other friends from Boston, so there were plenty of people to help navigate the various sites. The two biggest ones, Art Basel and Art Miami, were held in huge halls, where seemingly hundreds of galleries displayed a selection of artwork by members of their stable. There were many other smaller venues - galleries nestled in emptied out hotel rooms in some of the picturesque, Art Deco buildings:  Aqua, Ink, Pulse, Verge, Red Dot and more.  Several Boston based artists' work was present, including Joanne Mattera , Resa Blatman and Cheryl Warrick to name just a few. Here are a few images culled from the 400 some photos I took.

Adria Arch - Brain Storms, mobiles

Brain Storms - Bromfield Gallery, October 5 through 29

"Stormy", acrylic on paper, 15' x 25' x 3', Adria Arch 2011 Sunny with a Chance, acrylic on paper, Mylar, foam core board and particle board, 20' x 30' x 30', Adria Arch 2011 Join me for an artist talk and reception on Sunday, October 9, from 2 to 5, and also on Friday evening, October 14, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. I'd love to see you!

Squiggles and Squares in New Bedford, MA

My work is currently on view in an exhibit at Artworks in New Bedford. Curated by Catherine Carter and Jeanne Williamson , with work by Elin Noble and myself, this tasty exhibition features a variety of media.

Upcoming Exhbit at Bromfield Gallery in October

Studio shot, Brain Storms My exhibit, "Brain Storms", will be mounted next Sunday and on view from Wednesday, October 5, through Sunday, October 29 at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston's SOWA art district. Please join me! Gallery hours are 12 to 5, Wednesday through Saturday, and often on Sundays. Contact me if you would like a private viewing during non-gallery hours. This recent work is moving into the realm of installation. I have been making a variety of components that I will assemble in the gallery space. I have a grouping of hanging foam core board shapes painted with acrylic, a grouping of pedestals, also painted in acrylic, and a series of paper scrolls, some 20 feet, some 10 feet, that will curve and curl right off the wall.  You might also see some of my recent flat paintings, too. Treading the line between order and chaos, my recent work combines the accidental flow of paint with the deliberate placement of lines and shapes derived from doodles, handma

Danforth Museum of Art installation photos by Clements and Howcroft

Stairwell between the museum and the school floor Restroom hallway in the museum proper Men's restroom, Danforth Museum School Men's Room, Danforth Museum School Stairwell between Museum and School Me,.sitting in stairwell

Chelsea NYC July 26

I try to get to NYC a couple times a year and usually I go to a museum and I visit Chelsea. What I am looking for is exciting ways to display work, and the brave and outrageous piece that helps to push me out of my comfort zone. I find that I am drawn more and more to installation, and find that my work is going along those lines. So the posted images reflect what I was drawn to this time. There are no titles or names attached to these images, they were simply the pieces that interested me.