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Lesley Mural Finished!

Mural Continuing

Closeups of the painting process and the projection of the doodle shapes.

Lesley Mural in Process

Last Tuesday, work continued on the Lesley University mural that I have been commissioned to create, in collaboration with the graduate students in Robert Shreefter's class. I screen printed parts of the image, and then projected segments of doodles onto the wall. Students helped me to paint and screen print according to my design. Our last painting session will most likely be this coming Tuesday. Thanks to Chris LeGare for documenting the process. A video of the installation will be forthcoming.

Exciting Intuitive Painting class!

Images from last night's Intuitive Painting class at the Arlington Center for the Arts. My students are working independently now. Monoprints using Golden acrylic OPEN paints, photocopy transfers using Citrasolv cleaner, and stenciling were all processes that kickstarted some exciting experimentation.

Painting begins!

Today was my first painting day at Lesley University. Yesterday, I gridded the 10' x 25' wall using a snap line. I outlined the major shapes with pink chalk. I started painting today using acrylic paints. I also brought along a silk screen with random paint spatters to create a texture, since spattering the wall with paint would not work - too unpredictably drippy! The background shapes were inspired by actual paint spills. I can't wait to go back with the next colors.

Mural Beginning!

I am going to start work on the wall installation (otherwise known as a mural) at Lesley University this week. Here is a working drawing for the imagery. I have gridded the drawing so that I can convert the image to the size of the wall, 10 feet high by 25 feet long. The black lines are stand-ins for the doodle imagery created by Robert Schreefter's art education class (see previous blogpost). Lesley students will be helping me to paint parts of the mural. I will, of course, be using Golden Fluid acrylics! Some parts will be silkscreened.