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More Glyphic

Experimenting with lighter, spillier paint - the companion piece to the earlier image posted today. One of my favorite scribbles - the upper right hand saw-like shape. A lighter hand on the gold metallic ink, circular shape, lower left hand corner. I've recently updated my website with the most recent professional photos of my work from the Vermont Studio Center residency.

Glyphic continues

The lighting on this changes the look of the metallic ink a bit - but you get the general idea. Sprayed and spilled acrylic with overlays of the scribbles and more opaque shapes.

Deep Space continued

Lots of pours and spills, transparent paint vs. metallic ink...


Love that metallic ink - gold and silver... whew! Spills of acrylic first, then additions of the scribbles. Experimenting with painting some of the shapes in solidly. On top, collaged elements of black - pushing the space even further back.

Deep Space

Another Glyphic piece. Spills of color first, overlays of the doodle shapes in acrylic and metallic inks. I like this one because of the deeper space I create between the layers. Also, I love throwing in the humorous scribbles (the light blue one at the top). It seems so decorative and silly.

More intuitive collages by my students

Still more collages from intuition. The horizontal photos derived from the "ladder" drawing which came from direct observation of an object. I will be teaching "Painting from Intuition" this winter at the Arlington Center for the Arts , Monday evenings from 7 to 9:30 pm.

More student work

More collages done with "rules". Most of the students chose 4 or 5 rules to guide their choices. You can see snippets of text from books or magazines, small childen's toys, and inkblots here.

Collages by my adult students

These collages were completed by my students in "Drawing from Intuition", a class I taught this fall at the Arlington Center for the Arts. The goal was to create 20 collages on paper using a set of rules to determine the content. For example, "all 11"x 15", all using found images from a particular book, all using images created from a single drawing session". These rules help to narrow down the choices and take the pressure off the feeling that one has to make "Art" with a capital A.


In case you are new to my blog, all my work since 2007 has been inspired by doodles from my son's high school notebooks. I was thumbing through them and found pages of these kind of dumb quasi-geometric drawings. They were not meant to be seen by anyone, but I thought that the marks, when enlarged, might prove very interesting. I photocopied them onto transparencies and projected them onto paper, designing the page as I go along. I have been calling this series "Glyphs".

Yellow in progress

I am experimenting with different kinds of backgrounds including spills and looser paint applications. Not done yet.

Two purple pieces

Love that chocolate brown