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Adria Arch: Reframing Eleanor at Fitchburg Art Museum .

Adria Arch’s new “hybrid painting” re-frames the ongoing exhibition Evoking Eleanor. It is the first in a series of solo shows to respond to the legacy of FAM’s beloved founder Eleanor Norcross. Arch’s installation of colorful shapes painted on lightweight plastic forms with mixed media slyly reference the palette and composition of Norcross’s paintings and collection of decorative objects from the nineteenth to early twentieth century. Arch’s sculptural paintings also imagine Norcross’s era through visual suggestion of the time’s fashion: cut velvet, antique hat netting, and brocaded fabric. The sound designed by composer and musician Ken Field enhances Arch’s playful interpretation. Visitors will be invited to move through Reframing Eleanor and to touch Arch’s suspended artworks, which are inspired by both the formal properties of painting and spatial considerations of sculpture. From the installation, Reframing Eleanor, 2019