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Chelsea NYC July 26

I try to get to NYC a couple times a year and usually I go to a museum and I visit Chelsea. What I am looking for is exciting ways to display work, and the brave and outrageous piece that helps to push me out of my comfort zone. I find that I am drawn more and more to installation, and find that my work is going along those lines. So the posted images reflect what I was drawn to this time. There are no titles or names attached to these images, they were simply the pieces that interested me.

Final night at the Museum!

My work is now complete at the Danforth Museum - we finished working on our "Phase 3" part of the wall installations. Thank you to Julia Brucker, Teen Docent Coordinator, Katherine French, Director of the Danforth Museum, Pat Walker, Education Director, and Mary Kiely, Facilities Manager, for all of their support and generosity. And of course, thanks to all the Teen Docents who worked so hard over the past three weeks. Painting the insides of un-airconditioned bathrooms with a hot projector going was not the most comfortable of conditions, but they were great sports and did not complain a bit.

Chain Mail in Boston

Yesterday was the opening of the Chain Mail show in Boston. Ten artists were invited to invite 10 artists whom they admire. Then those 10 artists invited 10 more and those invited 10 more etc. etc. Over 1200 pieces of art were installed at Samson Projects on Harrison Ave. in Boston. I was on the fence about participating, but finally I decided to do it. It was a fun mishmash of all sorts of art, and somehow it all worked to create a very interesting visual experience. The best part was there were no titles or names attached to any of the pieces, so you get to look without any preconceptions.