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More from Big Pink

Two more of the Big Pink series. See last week's post for my Yellow series, in a similar vein.

Big Pink

My recent studio activity involves starting with a strong overall background color and riffing with the doodle shapes. Today I completed 3 of these. I am setting some goals - to use similar shapes in each, to use a silkscreened image in each, and to keep things clean and minimal - this one does not come easily to me!


If you've never seen this film, I highly recommend it. It will depress the hell out of you, but the images are astounding and profound. 1982, and yet it is extremely contemporary in feel and subject.

no more Facebook

It's been coming. I can't take it anymore. I am no longer on Facebook... sorry guys, hope you don't take it personally. Too much computer time. Too much distraction. Something's gotta give. love ya, Adria

Yellow continued

I am working on a series of 6 images on paper, each 30" x 20". Acrylic on latex paint with a few silkscreened images thrown in. Keeping my spirits up in the dark days of a New England February. I love how the Payne's gray looks blue on the yellow background.