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Showing posts from October, 2008

Glyph Scroll

"Glyph Scroll", 12" x 27", acrylic, metallic ink and collage, will be exhibited in the Icons and Altars show at the New Art Center in Newton, MA beginning Nov. 14. This is a fundraiser for the center, and all artwork will be for sale for $250. This will be my 10th year exhibiting work in the show. The work is free hanging, away from the wall about 1" due to two pieces of 1"x 2" attached to the back of the work.

Arlington Open Studios

Last weekend, I participated in Arlington Open Studios at the Arlington Center for the Arts - where I work as the Education Director. Although we call it Open Studios, it is really more of an Art Event because 80 artists and craftspeople bring their work to the Center rather than have people come to their actual studios. It works better this way because artists here often have studios in their homes, and there aren't the artist buildings that exist in other parts of the city. I especially enjoyed the opportunity talk with people who came around to my tables, and watch their reactions to this work I had displayed. Plus, a lot of people who know me as the Ed. Director didn't realize that I am also an artist. It felt good to display this very important side of who I am to my community.

Election Nerves

We're on the brink, everyone. It really could happen. We could finally redeem ourselves in the eyes of the rest of the world. I am so nervous about this, I don't want to jinx it by believing the good news in the polls! This weekend I'll be showing my work at Arlington Open Studios. I will be selling some of my older works on paper VERY inexpensively, so come on over. So what if the economy is tanking? Buy an original work of art and you'll feel better. Really.

Some good prices...

Spurred on by my friend Jeanne Williamson , I have put together a page of small works on paper, priced to sell! This is work from a series I produced in 2004. I gave myself the goal of making 100 small collages within a set of restrictions - same size, all collage, all using photo elements, etc. Sometimes goals help you to get motivated and working if you hit a wall in your studio practice.

Glyphs on Pink Ground

My final piece completed at Vermont Studio Center this September, it is acrylic, metallic ink and collage on paper, approximately 5' x 9'.

Glyph Columns

Also produced at Vermont Studio Center in September, this work is approximately 10' x 6' and will hang from dowels similar to scrolls. Acrylic, metallic ink and collage on paper.
Two versions of "Speckled Constellation", also produced at VSC. Approx. 8' x 8', variable, paper and acrylic.

Red Constellation

Red Constellation (working title) is comprised of four columns of paper, collage, and acrylic paint, measuring approx. 8' x 10 '. This is the first piece I completed during my residency. The piece is designed to hang unframed.