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More views of installation

sad, but temporary installations are just that...

I left Vermont Studio Center today... and had to paint over all of my hard work on the studio walls! Fortunately, I have lots of good photos. My kids helped to paint everything out. It took us an hour with four people working. Now back in Boston, I am missing my new friends from all over the planet who came together for a brief time in a very beautiful place. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity.

early stage of installation

Kind of working backwards, but here is how the installation started...

Wall installation continued

This is another wall from the room installation in my studio at the Vermont Studio Center. I am thinking of calling it Octomom. This is a reference to the shape as well as to the reference to the origins of the glyphs - enlarged doodles from my son's high school notebooks.

Installation at Vermont Studio Center

I have been spending the last two weeks at the Vermont Studio Center. One of my main goals was to paint an installation directly on to the studio walls. This is an extension of my studio practice taken to a much larger scale than I have previously done. The studio I was given has two poles in the center. I ended up feeling glad that they were there, as they gave me another surface on which to work, and a different shape to use in juxtaposition to the wall paintings.