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Red squiggles

Two new pieces, combining the spilled paint with the controlled reproduction of the doodles. There is quite a bit of collage going on here.
A brand new set of drawings -- so far I have done 7 of these, each is about 10" x 10". They are all done with a combination of pastel pencils and colored pencils. A distillation of the doodles into what appears to be "letters" in an alphabet.

Gray Glyph triptych - one more time!

I added to the pieces in my previous post - there is a final layer of droplets that I think ties these pieces together. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out if a piece is finished... and sometimes it takes months to figure out what action will make it all work.

Gray Glyph continued

Gray Glyph - part of a triptych

One of the images I brought to the portfolio review this past Sunday. It is part of a triptych - each panel is 30" x 20", acrylic and metallic ink on paper.

Wall of Glyphs

On Sunday, I participated in a portfolio review at a local art association. Artists had the opportunity to show a sampling of their work to curators and gallerists in the Boston area in order to get suggestions and feedback. One of gallerists I spoke to suggested that I create a wall of my smaller pieces, hung closely together. I experimented with it a little bit this morning - not sure if these are close enough, but I do like the visual buzz from being able to look back and forth at these pieces. One of the most complimentary things said to me at the portfolio review was that my abstractions speak with a contemporary vocabulary - that is, as opposed to many abstract artists who are still having a dialog with the abstract expressionists of the 1940s and 1950s. I was very pleased to hear that.