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Renewing a love of screenprinting

It's funny how you keep coming back to things that you love. Screenprinting was something I learned in college, and I just took to it. Later on, in my twenties, I used screenprinting to make posters and t shirts in a variety of jobs. I am using it to print on fabric. And now, finally, I am making screens of the glyphs I have been using in my paintings.
Here is an experimental print using the glyph images. I am planning on trying out a variety of combinations using these images. The piece is about 15" x 10".

To make a screenprint, you need a screen and images printed or photocopied onto transparencies. Here are two of my glyphs, laid out on the screen I will use. Also, here is the screen coated with photo emulsion.

I expose the screen with a photoflood bulb conveniently hung up on my basement studio pipes. Speedball has a nifty brochure with directions on how far away your screen must be from the light source for correct exposure. Once you have exposed the screen, you wash out the emulsion out - I just use a common kitchen sprayer. This is pretty easy to do with a minimum amount of fuss and expense.