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Arlington Center for the Arts 20th last night

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Arlington Center for the Arts last night - in case you didn't know, my day job is as the Ed. Director there, and I've been there for 5 years. I was involved with the center since it started, and I am very proud of where we've come since then. The center is housed in an old middle school building that was decommissioned when the population declined. Thanks to the foresight of the then town planner, Alan McClennan, part of the building was rented at a very low cost to the ACA. We have classes for all ages and many other events including Arlington Open Studios, Images of Arlington, and the Arlington:My Take that has just opened.

Andre Dubus, the author of House of Sand and Fog, was our honorary chair. Our board members outdid themselves with fabulous decor and food, and entertainment was provided by Louise Grasmere, Exit Dance and others. An auction of some excellent art and donated items did quite well. Thanks to everyone who came!