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London Calling

Just returned from a short trip across the Atlantic - London and Istanbul!

London was rainy and cold, but full of wonders - highlights for me included seeing the Victoria and Albert Museum (Blood on Paper, one of the best shows of artist books I've seen), and the British Museum - I saw the famous Rosetta Stone! I had always assumed it was in the shape of a rosetta, thus the name, but not at all. It is a thick chunk of shiny black granite etched with hieroglyphs on one side.
My tourist photo is the Big Ben one - you can't resist it! But the photo of the tabloids represents more of my actual experience. You couldn't escape the headlines of the Austrian dad who imprisoned and impregnated his daughter - "Cellar Girl" was everywhere, and if you took the Tube to get around as we did, all you saw were the tabloids; turn the TV on and all you heard about was the Cellar Girl. Where was info on the Iraq war, or other world news? Nothing at all, just like the US.