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Movie review and life review

Yesterday I saw "Who Does She Think She Is" at a screening at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (see my last posting.) The film focuses on women artists who have managed to make art despite the pressures of raising a family, and brings up many interesting points. A must for young women artists! While the film has its flaws, it makes the case that trying to balance a serious career and a family/relationship can be very difficult, and the added issue of making art (which usually goes unpaid) makes it even harder.

A friend and fellow artist Barbara Poole has a few of her hilarious take offs on master paintings with nudes and vacuum cleaners in several parts of the movie!

I always knew that I wanted to be an artist, and followed that path straight through college and grad school. I paid my way by becoming a teacher (which I love!) and now an arts administrator. My work is not particularly saleable, but I am content to have my bi-yearly exhibits at the Bromfield Gallery. However, my fondest hope is to someday have a solo show at a local museum.

It was very hard to do much art when my children were little, but I persisted and always made it into the studio - it was consistency if not quantity that kept my hands in the game and saved my sense of self and my sanity while raising an especially difficult child and his sister.

So- full circle, now my "difficult" son is a grown up, 23 years old, and wonderful! And has been the inspiration for this, my strongest series of work ever!

I have been feeling a little strange about admitting that my son has inspired this work, but after seeing this film, I am FINE about it! Its ok for women to be mothers and artists and to let their family life influence and inspire them. YES!