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Ok now what?

Thank yous to folks who have visited the exhibit. I gave a short gallery talk on Saturday and had a young videographer do some taping. He and I will pull together a five minute video that I plan to post on YouTube and also send out on a CD with future press and gallery mailings.

Having an exhibit takes an enormous amount of energy and pretty much consumes one's time in the studio for perhaps months. Now that the show is up, it has given me the chance to digest where I have been and think more about where to go next.

The most fun I had was installing the bathroom wall treatment, and after I had finished I wished that I had taken over an entire gallery wall, too. That tells me that there is a direction I need to visit! Also, lots of good feedback on the wall sculptures... and I can see doing an installation of smaller pieces.

I made myself go into the studio yesterday morning and work, for the first time since about a month ago, pre-show. I started back into some sculptures I had started and also went back into two paintings that I had thought were complete.

No excuses, practice your studio practice - use it or lose it!