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The Art Fairy Exists!

I found 2 sheets of 40" x 60" heavy foam core board in my garage, wrapped in plastic. There was no mailing label or other ID. I left them there for 2 weeks thinking that perhaps they belonged to our tenant or someone else. Nope. So I figured that they were a gift from the Art Fairy. Why else would they have landed in "my" garage? Who but an artist would think they were an awesome find? Thank you, Art Fairy!

Talking with my friend Anne Krinsky, we both agreed that the Art Fairy does indeed exist. The Art Fairy makes residencies available to you just when you really need them, turns up the perfect studio table or potential assemblage materials in the trash, or avails you of a parking spot right in front of the gallery where you need to drop off your work.

Have you had a recent visit from the Art Fairy?