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This weekend I will be installing a new piece of public art in Stowe, Vermont. The Black Cap Cafe makes fabulous coffee drinks, and their lovely building looks to be a re-purposed Victorian house right on Rte. 100. I have two spots at the Black Cap Cafe - the 7' x 7' front left window and also the overhang on the porch.

My window piece will be comprised of fragments of doodles collected from some of the Black Cap's customers as well as some of the residents I met during my March stay at Vermont Studio Center. After gathering many doodles, I chose fragments of just a few - only 5 drawings - and had them reproduced much much larger than their actual size in vinyl.  The sticky vinyl will be adhered directly to the window.

Here are the images I used. I created a whimsical composition using these drawings, different colors of vinyl, and some interesting juxtapositions. 

The porch will feature one of my recent doodle cut outs from MDF board. I am  planning on using the red triangle (painted yellow on the reverse), but am taking all three just in case. The triangle will be hung with the point facing downward and suspended with wire from the porch posts. Ideally, the triangle will appear to be hanging in space.

Images will be forthcoming on Monday during the hang.