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Slowing the Process

I've been noticing a subtle but sure change in my thinking lately. I seem to be more interested in making a complex statement that might consist of several related pieces and environments, rather than making one-off pictures. I am slowing down in my thoughts and becoming more demanding of myself.

I am continuing the Outsider Series - from the pages and pages of scribbles I found in my son's high school notebooks I was about to trash while trying to clean up his room. He made these little geometric doodles; I am sure he never thought that anyone would ever look at them, let alone try to make art out of them! I scavenged the pages and reproduced them on transparencies so that I could play with projecting them and redrawing them at different sizes and in different relationships. There was something so intriguing to me about the artlessness of the marks, and the fact that, when enlarged, they read as kind of mysterious icons. I have been using these doodles as inspiration for more than 6 months. Now I have 12 squares, each 20" x 20", that have one enlarged doodle each.

The image here is one of the squares.